Dr. Wilson Aragão

Wilson Aragão holds a degree in Agronomy from the Federal University of Bahia (1972), a research initiation course from the Federal University of Viçosa (1973), a master's degree in Phytotechnology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1978) PhD in Agronomy (Genetics and Plant Breeding) by the University of São Paulo (1989). In addition to being a retired researcher at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) - 1973-2008, he has experience in the field of agronomy with emphasis on plant breeding - acting mainly in the areas of genetic improvement of the coconut tree, as coordinator of coconut hybridization projects , As well as genetic resources of native fruits and native forage legumes. Developed at Embrapa and registered at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the following intervarietal coconut hybrids: BRS 001 (Brazilian Green Dwarf Jiqui - AVeBrJ x Brazilian Giant of Praia do Forte - GBrPF), BRS 002 Brazil Yellow Dwarf Gramame x GBrPF) and BRS 003 (Gramame x GBrPF Brazilian Red Dwarf).
He also participated, through the Embrapa / Emparn partnership, in the development and registration of the hybrid Jiqui (AVeBrJ x Gigante do Brasil de Jiqui) in MAPA.
Wilson Aragão has participated in several research projects and has papers published in several periodicals indexed in national and international territory, and in the different forms of publication of Embrapa, as well as simple and expanded abstracts in genetics, breeding, breeding, animal production, among others. He also has a book about the coconut tree, as well as several chapters of books published by Embrapa and other national and international teaching and research institutions.

Dr. Luiz Mirisola

Luiz Mirisola holds a master's degree in Harvest Science / Plant Nutrition from the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense (1997) and a PhD in Harvest Science / Plant Nutrition from the Federal University of Viçosa ( 2003). He taught in classrooms the practice of planting dwarf coconut and cultivating plants in nutrient solution, both at the State University of North Fluminense. In 2002 he was professor and coordinator of the "Coco Dwarf Production" at Viçosa University. He participated in several research projects, such as: "Chemical Control of Sandpaper - Small (Phyllachora torrendiella) Sandpaper - Large (Sphaeredothis acrocomiae) and Burning - Leaves (cocogena Botryosphaeria) in Dwarf green coconut." "Response of the coconut palm dwarf (Cocos nucifera L.) submitted to increasing doses of sodium chloride." "Study on coconut fertilization in the Mata de Mineira Region Zone" "Evaluation of nutritional status and Coconut dwarf fertilization in Campos and Quissamã." "Molecular improvement of coconut: from DNA to new cultivars for the state of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil." In 2002, he published his first book called "Coconut Dwarf Culture" by the publisher Learn Easy.



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