The project has generated countless jobs in the region. The workers are trained by means of courses and lectures, which help in the integration of the man with the field

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The process consists of the artificially controlled pollination of female flowers of the green dwarf

Artificial Pollination

Banished by the Itariri River, an area where the project is developed is self-sufficient in water resources

Self sufficiency

A pioneering project that has been developed since the year 2000 in the city of Conde, which is the largest dry coconut producer in the state of Bahia. TECNOCOCO aims to commercially produce dwarf coconut seeds and intravarietal and intervarietal hybrids genetically improved, through strict technical control standards, with the current production capacity of 300,000 seeds or seedlings per year and 800,000 in project stabilization.





With the goal of being a national reference in quality and innovation, in the production and distribution of genetically improved F1 and dwarf hybrid coconut seedlings and seedlings, free from any contamination of pollen from nearby coconut plantations, TECNOCOCO prioritizes the high quality standard With artificial pollination and artisanal work, adapted and with greater stabilities and uniformities of production in different environments, tolerant or resistant to pests and environmental stress. All of our products are registered with the Ministry of Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) to meet the demand of coconut farmers for genetically superior coconut palm cultivars.


Our products

Due to the application of advanced technologies, control systems that guarantee the genetic standardization of our products, the various types of coconut trees produced by TECNOCOCO have a wide commercial utility, stable price throughout the year, superior productivities and medium size that meet the requirements Of the market, thus being excellent for producing coconut water, fibers and pulp.
Dwarf coconut tree
Hybrid coconut tree
Giant coconut tree


Dried coconut
Green coconut


Dwarf coconut tree
Hybrid coconut tree
Giant coconut tree




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